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Use Witcraft to Brand, Label and Market

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Word Hero shows powerful tools for branding and labeling, while making you more memorable in meetings and presentations.  I've worked done business with a range of Fortune 500 corporations, helping with marketing and media strategies and training managers in memorable presenting.  My book, Thank You for Arguing, has helped thousands of executives succeed with negotiation, sales, and appeals to large markets.

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Jay Heinrichs
Word Hero 

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WORD HERO: A Fiendishly Clever Guide to Crafting the Lines that Get Laughs, Go Viral, and Live Forever

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Greetings, word fans! I'm the guy who actually wrote a bestseller with "Arguing" in the title. (That's like doing a successful book called Enjoy Your Colonoscopy!) With WORD HERO I show you the awesome might of figures and tropes: tools that get your words--and you--to stay in people's heads forever.

Oh, and also to BATTLE EVIL and achieve ULTIMATE POWER.

(or maybe just get a laugh)

Uh, what's a trope?

If you're hearing something that isn't literally true and still isn't a baldfaced lie, you're probably in tropical (trope) territory.  Learn the secrets of tropes by reading this extremely short detective story!

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Discover your oratorical type and match the devices to your own personality and style.

Are you sick to death of cliches?

(Hey, isn't "sick to death" a cliche?) Pull incredible judo moves on stupid, boring expressions here.

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Give hypnotic speeches and presentations by following this guide.

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