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A multiple simile in which the comparables, or “analogs,” have more than one matching characteristic. Translated from the Greek, analogy means “proportional thought,” or, more loosely, “template.” That’s what an analogy is: a template for something else. The analogy reveals itself as an analogy—unlike the metaphor, which pretends that the analog is the real thing. But the line between analogy and metaphor can get pretty blurry.  That’s why I consider the analogy to be a close relative, even a spinoff, of the trope.

She’s like a cat in heat. She talked about him yesterday and practically sprayed the choir room. Glee

Figures can do for speech what architectural forms do for a cityscape, or the human form does to your average randy male.  Word Hero 

Homonyms serve as the raw material of puns; they are to puns what gunpowder is to fireworks.  Word Hero