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This site is packed with demonstrations of the awesome might of figures and tropes.


Uh, what's a trope?

If you're hearing something that isn't literally true and still isn't a baldfaced lie, you're probably in tropical (trope) territory.  Learn the secrets of tropes by reading this extremely short detective story!

Want to sound like a word hero?

Steal the brilliance of your favorite quotes with the Mad Lib Protocol!

Test your magic-spotting powers!

Take a quiz to see how well you can suss out the power behind immortal quotations.

Which tools would work best for you?

Discover your oratorical type and match the devices to your own personality and style.

Are you sick to death of cliches?

(Hey, isn't "sick to death" a cliche?) Pull incredible judo moves on stupid, boring expressions here.

Address adoring masses!

Give hypnotic speeches and presentations by following this guide.

Get ripped, powerful wit muscles!

How? By doing these mind-building exercises!