Like Me? Please?


For Educators


Want a free copy?

Random House offers review copies for teachers and college faculty considering Word Hero for a course. Click here for information.

Want an author chat with your class?

If you're already teaching the book, I'm happy to conduct a phone-in, Skype-in, or remote PowerPoint presentation for no charge.  Contact me to set it up.

Want to know why I wrote the book?

I have the cheek to interview myself here.  Don't worry; I ask some hardball questions.

Have your students try these exercises.

Meanwhile, I've created more than 30 of them to supplement the ones in the book. They're in a discussion board that allows you or your students to contribute answers. You can also start your own threads with proposed exercises or ideas for teaching the book. (Let me know if I should set up a separate section for this.)

Or have them take a quiz.

Students can try repeatedly and receive a score. Let me know if you want me to verify scores.

Do you teach college composition?

See my video plea to speak at the CCCC conference.

Or Teach AP English?

Here's a video that talks about the difference between the rules and tools of English.

Anything else I can do for you?

Let me know. Rhetoric is a cause for me--the essential skill of democracy. I'm in awe of what you do for your students and for this country. (And that's no irony or hyperbole!)