Find Your Orator Type

To see what kind of word  user you are, ask yourself about yourself.

(Click here for an explanation of my methods.)

Tendencies:  Are you happiest speaking in front of a group or one on one, with individuals? How much do you want to be the center of attention? As a general rule, the larger the group, the more you want to be an entertainer, and the more flamboyant and fancy your tools can be.

Motives: What’s your chief reason for communicating with people? What result do you want your words to achieve? To bring people closer together? Strengthen your own relationships? Make people feel better? Help them learn, or to get better at their work? Make them do your bidding? Get them motivated to do what you want?

Now comes the moment of truth. Which of these statements most describes you? Click on the word that comes closest.

  1. I find myself happiest when I entertain people. I’m an Entertainer.
  2. I love to inform, instruct, or help people. I’m an Enabler (in a good way, that is).
  3. I mostly just want to get things done. That makes me a Doer.

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