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Repeat Changer

ree-PEET chain-jer


A kind of word repeater, this tool repeats a word with a different meaning second time around. (Technical term: antistasis—an-TIS-ta-sis, meaning “opposite stance.”) The Repeat Changer can make you look remarkably witty for very little effort; just listen for the opportunity to repeat your interlocutor’s words in a different context. Because of its boomerang effect—its ability to throw an opponent’s words back at her—the figure makes an excellent weapon in argument. 

Derek Smalls: Making a big thing of it would have been a good idea. Spinal Tap. Smalls is referring to the minuscule Stonehenge set

Sure, you want a cruise because you need to relax. You want to relax your moral standards. Word Hero

Boys will be boys.